Fun with Nondairy Ice Cream! Guest Post!

22 Feb

This post was written by m lovely friend Violet who just got a brand new ice cream maker and is unbelievably excited about it…and also very willing share.

I have a brand new Cuisinart Ice-21 ice cream maker, and I’ve been experimenting. Since my SO is lactose intolerant, I’ve focused primarily on nondairy ice cream recipes, and here are two staples I’ve found.

Recipe base 1:

One can of coconut milk, 12-14 oz.
15 oz cream of coconut (we used the powdered kind from Whole Foods)

All the ingredients just waiting to become part of something delicious!

In trying this out, we tried to make the Chilean Earthquake, which needs pineapple ice cream. Add to above:

5 tbps pineapple preserves, or since those are hard to find, we used dried pineapple rings and mixed them in a blender with a dash of hot water. Available at Whole Foods.

What we did was set the dried pineapple rings in a food processor until finely chopped to a gooey paste, then added the dried cream of coconut and hot water required to reconstitute it and blended all of that together. Add the can of coconut milk, blend a little more until fully mixed, then put into the fridge until cold. Throw that mix in your ice cream maker per the instructions that come with it.

To make an Earthquake, take one scoop of that ice cream, and mix it into a full glass of champagne. I mean an actual glass here, like a regular drinking glass. One batch of the mix above should last through about 2-3 bottles of champagne, so figure that for the ratio.

Deliciousness in a pot!

Recipe base 2:*

1 cup of almond milk
2 tbps corn starch
sugar to taste

*Keep in mind, that you can make more or less of this based on how much can fit in your ice cream machine. Adjust your recipe by half or double as needed.

For this one, it really works best with pastry type flavors, since everything will taste of almond. We used unsweetened almond milk and then added sugar, but you could do either depending on how sweet you like it.

Start by mixing the almond milk, corn starch, and sugar together, then put it in a saucepan and bring to high heat. If you want chocolate ice cream, add cacao here, 1tbsp is a good mix. Bring to a boil for 1-2 minutes, not too long, you just want it to thicken a bit. Bring off the heat, put it in a dish, and in the fridge until it’s cold.

The recipes here are just blank slates for any flavor you want. Add a tbsp of vanilla for a smooth vanilla flavor. Add chopped nuts, chocolate chunks, mini marshmallows, strawberries….your imagination is the limit. Just remember to add your goodies in the last 5 minutes or less.

One recipe, that I’m calling the Limtastic Limdenberry, was the almond base recipe, with chopped hazelnuts, almonds, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate, added crunchy-thick. Om nom nom!

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